Happenings on the High Seas

19 Sep
Happenings on the High Seas

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! You can’t get rid of me that easily but the past few weeks have been a little crazy.

School started back up for dear darling son just about the time the place I have been working part time had their grand opening. So everything is flowing along, school, work and the day to day routines. My working hours have been a little crazy and it has taken some getting used to. We also had to make arrangements to get son picked up from school if I was at work.

Dear darling son is also in band again this year so now we have football games to get ready for. Usually the band just stays after school to get instruments and such ready. They are also getting fitted for their concert uniforms for later this year. The band only plays home games and only till half time. The first game last week got cancelled and rescheduled because of bad weather. They usually play on Tuesday so they rescheduled for Thursday. That was all well and good except dear darling son had a field trip that day to the local Marine Science Station. They were out in the sun and in and out of the water all day then he had to go back to the school and get ready for the game. We left after half time and he was pretty wiped out after a full day! He got a little bit of a sun burn and was sore the next day from all the activity! That’s ok, it’s good for him!!

This morning as I’m trying to get dear darling up and out of bed, he pops up and says he needs to be at the school before 7:45 am. So I told him he better get up and in the shower. I usually get him to school between 7:30 and 7:45 so this would not be a big deal. We went about our morning routine and all he said was he had to do something this morning at school. On the way there I asked him what it was he had to do. Well, it seems they had Student Council voting on Tuesday and he was voted as one of the student body representatives for 7th grade! He never even said anything about it, little stinker! I told him that was an honor and a very important job. He told me a little of the responsibilities and what was expected! Needless to say I am very proud of him!! He is growing up into a wonderful young man.

Also this week we picked up a new crew member. A very good friend of dear darling hubby and mine, that we have known for many years, got blindsided by the woman he has been living with for the past 10 years. She simply told him she didn’t love him anymore and didn’t want or need him around. So for the past week we have been helping him get all his stuff out of her house and getting him settled for the time being with us. We don’t have a lot of room but he is too good a friend to let go down. We have plenty of property for him to store his tools and stuff, so until he can get back on his feet and get everything settled it looks like my crew of boys has expanded! I’ve always been outnumbered anyway so what’s one more boy to take care of!!

Here is hoping everyone has blue skies and calm seas for all your voyages in the near future. Until my next shore leave I bid you fond farewell!


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3 responses to “Happenings on the High Seas

  1. Tree

    September 20, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    You are a good person 🙂

  2. The Regular Guy NYC

    September 20, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    I feel sorry for your friend. That is so harsh. Tht’s nice of you helping him out. After ten years that has to be a rough blow.

  3. Joy Christi

    September 20, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    It’s a busy time of year, I’m hearing that a LOT everywhere I turn. Welcome back though, Kotter!
    I’m so sorry about your friend, that is a horrible way for something to end. No trying to work on anything, no nothin. That’s a punch in the soul. Hope it’s a relatively quick recovery. He’s in good rum-laiden hands anyway 🙂


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