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Thankfully Returning

Thankfully Returning

Ahoy me hearties! Rumors of my demise have been misleading you into believing I no longer existed! Fact is I have been on a hiatus of sorts; from writing, blogging, interacting, even Facebook. I went through a few weeks of just general disinterest in everything. First all my PC died and I haven’t had the money to fix it but that’s just a convenient excuse because I do have my iPad that I can use but I wasn’t even interested in it. Now that my e-mail is over flowing with notifications I suppose it’s time for me to dust off my reading spectacles and start seeing what everyone has had to say while I was unplugged.

After careful consideration, I decided what better way to return than the wonderful, supportive, awesome group that Ten Things of Thankful always is! When I was thinking about blogging again, I realized I had several things that had happened that I had reason to be thankful for—-so, here goes—-

1. My dear darling son is turning into a really awesome young man so there will be more than one of my ten things that will be about him. The first one has to do with his health. Long story short, he is a Type 1 diabetic. He started using an insulin pump 6 months ago and this week was the first time he saw his doctor since then. His A1C level, which measures the glucose in your bloodstream over a period of time, dropped from 8.4 to 6.4 in the six months! That is incredible and I was so happy to see that! His target has always been 7 since his diagnoses 3 1/2 years ago!

2. Continuing with his good news is he has a new girlfriend. Her name is Donna and she is cute and they make a cute couple. It all started a few weeks ago when he took a hat to school with him for an outdoor field trip. When he got back to the school she saw him and wanted to wear his hat which she did for a week before she gave it back. Now it’s “official” that they are a couple! Young love, ain’t it grand!

3. He is in band again this year and I am thankful he has found a group that he is accepted in and has such a great time with. His girlfriend is in band too so there’s that.

4. His final bit of goodness is he got voted to be one of the student body reps on the Student Council at school. The little stinker didn’t even say anything about it till Friday when I woke him up for school and he said he needed to be there a little early cause he had “something to do”. I asked him on the way to school what he had to do and he told me. I think it’s wonderful and a great responsibility!

5. Dear darling hubby and I have a friend that we have known close to 20 years that recently, unexpectedly needed a place to stay. We don’t have a lot of room but we were not going to leave him with nowhere to go. We have plenty of room for him to store his stuff such as his tools and such outside in our barn/workshop so now instead of just my 2 guys to take care of, I have 3!

6. I went back to work part time and it has actually been a pretty good experience so far. It’s been many years since I worked in retail but the company I’m working for and the crew I work with are fun to be around and makes the days go smoother.

7. One of the unexpected benefits of my new job is that I have lost some weight! Last time I weighed (and I generally avoid scales) I was down 15 pounds! It might not sound like much but all my jeans are getting loose so I take it as a win!

8. With the added income, the bills are paid but with the added expense of gas and extra groceries for lunches, I’m still broke most of the time. But bills being paid is a burden off mind.

9 & 10. I’m going to combine these cause they are the same thing only twofold. This one is trust. Trust that my dear darling hubby know s I will support him just as he will support me in anything we want to do to help other people. Our friend wasn’t sure how I would react to having an unexpected houseguest but hubby knew that I would be on board for whatever needed to be done. The other trust is between my dear darling son and me. As he approaches the dreaded teenage years, he has so far proven to me that I can trust him to make smart decisions when it comes to online things and such and I am giving him the freedom and trust that he has earned. We share the iPad so if he leaves something open and I pick it up, I just close whatever is open without snooping. But he also knows if I have any suspicions, I won’t hesitate to pry. But on the same hand, he also respects my privacy on things on the iPad. So trust is a wonderful thing especially with kids.


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A Pirate is Thankful

A Pirate is Thankful

ahoy there and welcome to July!! I decided to make an appearance this week and see if I can’t spread a little pirate happiness around the blogosphere.

So here goes, in no particular order.

1. Thankful for getting a few paying freelance jobs! Elance and Fiverr are a couple of nice sites to get your name out there and make your online presence known!

2. Thankful that just as my writing is starting to pick up, I also was able to get a part-time job to help out between the good and the bad weeks. Working part-time will still give me time for writing so I see it as a win-win!

3. Thankful my SUV (or anyone else’s vehicle) was not parked underneath one of our large oak trees when it decided to drop an very large branch!

4. Thankful for said branch for providing a fire pit full of wood for a weekend bonfire!

5. Thankful for naturally curly hair and a talented hairdresser to cut it so it’s cool for the weather and easy to take care of for work!

6. Thankful my dear darling knucklehead didn’t hurt himself seriously when he fell off our back porch steps. It was early in the morning and not completely light out yet. He decided to let everyone sleep in and go to breakfast at the local diner and check in with the guys. Why he didn’t turn the outside light on I have no idea but I heard the door open moments after he left with him moaning, I fell! So much for me sleeping in. I helped brush him off and off he went again!

7. Thankful the neighborhood fireworks didn’t bother my neighbor’s livestock. He has a pregnant female cow so we didn’t want a firecracker calf in the middle of the night!

8. Thankful my friend down the street seems to be responding well to treatments for her ovarian cancer. She had surgery but is still having to do chemo. So far, so good!

9. Thankful my hubby has reconnected with his youngest daughter and that she lives close enough that we will be able to see her from time to time.

10. Thankful for wonderful support from fellow bloggers! I know I have mentioned this before but it bears repeating. I’ve got a couple of guest posts in the works and I am always thankful for the encouragement I get from other more talented writers!!

And there you have it!! 10 wonderful, thankful tidbits!!


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The Medallion

The Medallion

There was something about the way he moved, like a cat. Rowan was the most incredible looking man she had ever met. With his dark hair and dark complexion he could have been an actor or model very easily. But his most unique feature was his smokey grey eyes. She had never seen eyes like that anywhere but possibly on a cat. The cat like features continued when Rowan was threatened or aroused. His head took on an almost cat-like shape and his already fit body could contort like a feline slipping through a narrow opening. He was lithe and flexible enough to extricate himself from the trickiest situations, literally and figuratively.

But that was how deviants were. Some people called them shape shifters but his whole body didn’t change, just certain traits. The ones Miranda liked the most.

Captain Warren hates all deviants and has made it a personal crusade to make things difficult for all of them but especially Rowan. What kind of narrow minded, evolutionally challenged Neanderthal was he! She thought most knuckle draggers had evolved beyond holding it against someone just because they were different.

Rowan had given Miranda a medallion when they first became a serious couple. It resembled a coin but only had an angel figure on one side and was plain on the other. She wore it all the time on a gold chain that allowed the medallion to hang between the indentation of her throat and her cleavage. She did not often wear low cut blouses so most of the time the medallion was hidden inside of whatever she was wearing. She did not realize Rowan had a similar one till she caught a glimpse of it one day around his neck.

She reaches out and touches the medallion, gently rubbing her thumb back and forth over the face of it. It appears to be the same size and thickness of hers but the figure is different. Instead of an angel there is what appears to be a demon. Slowly turning it over she confirms that like hers, his is plain on the back, no markings whatsoever.

He stands still, quiet. She looks up into his smokey grey eyes.
“What is this?” she asks quietly.
“It is a part of what once was a single medallion. Both pieces were forged together at one time.” Rowan answered just as quietly.
“So why was it separated? It would be beautiful as a two sided pendant.”
“The story is that the original one piece medallion had some sort of special powers.”
“Is it true? Does it have powers.”
“I never believed it did but lots of people did and some still do.” Rowan shrugged his shoulders.
“How did you come to have it in the first place.”
“Long story. Suffice it to say Captain Warren and I share a history with this pendant.”
“Who separated it?” Miranda was beginning to get intrigued.
“A very old woman, a friend of my mother’s for many years, since I was a young child. She was a little strange and mysterious but she and my mother were close and I trusted her with the knowledge that I had the medallion and she is the one who helped me separate it.”
“So you separated it by yourself?”
“No, not exactly. She assisted. That was part of the so-called power. Only the person who rightly possessed it could summon the power to use it or break the power by separating it. I decided to separate it and not tempt fate.”
“And you gave me the other half. Why?” This story was getting more complex by the minute but Miranda had to know the whole story.
“I knew it would be safe and I could sort of keep an eye on it. I’ve kept this half put away.”
“So what happens if both pieces are together? What “powers” does this thing supposedly have? Does it make you strong or more powerful?”
“No, nothing like that.” Rowan chuckles to himself. “The story is that it gives you the power to influence people into believing whatever you want them to believe, even if it’s not the truth. Sort of like some kind of hypnotic trance or something. If you can summon the power, you can get away with almost anything because whatever story you tell, people will believe.”

“That explains why Warren would be interested in it. A power like that used by someone like him–I don’t even want to think of the shit he could cause with that kind of power!” Miranda shuddered at the very idea. “You said you and Warren had a history with this. How does he fit into the picture?”
Rowan’s eyes narrowed and became a darker shade than Miranda had ever seen. She knew he was uncomfortable and uneasy. She didn’t like seeing him like this.

“Rowan, if you don’t want to tell me, it’s fine.” Miranda was taken aback by Rowan’s sudden change from the easy conversation they were having to now the tense wary stance he had developed. She was afraid she had asked too much.
“No, it’s ok. You have a right to know the whole story.” Rowan relaxed a bit but his eyes still held a wary look.

“Warren and my mother had an affair many years ago. The medallion had belonged to her and Warren found out about it and the story behind it. She always kept it put away and never wore it but she was looking for a particular pair of earrings one evening when he was there with her. He saw the medallion and commented on it. She told him the reason she did not wear it was because it was an antique heirloom. After he found out the story behind it, he was determined to get it from her somehow. Before she passed, she told me the whole story and entrusted the medallion to me with the promise that Warren not get his hands on it. He found out several years after her death what had happened to it and that I had it in my possession. That’s when his harassment of me started and that’s also when I looked into separating the two pieces. I had a pretty good feeling that the old woman my mom referred to as ‘Mimi’ would know something about it and what to do so I tracked her down.”

“Did Warren know about your deviant powers? I always thought that’s why he harassed you. He has caused problems for some other deviants too.”
“Yes he knows full well about my powers. My mother had the same traits as mine.”

Miranda was stunned. Rowan gave her a sideways grin and shrugged his shoulders.
“So that’s why he hates deviants so much! It goes all the way back to what he sees as a betrayal by her.” Miranda sat there amazed.
“Yes it would seem that is the basis of his hatred. He thought if he could make enough waves in the process he could make things hard on me and somehow figure out a way to get the medallion from me.” Rowan sat back and put his arm around her. “Don’t worry about him. We’ll figure out a way to bring him down together so everyone can rest easier.”


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Eight Ways to Thankful

Eight Ways to Thankful

Ahoy there again you scoundrels!! It’s you favorite pirate sailing into the harbor of thankful again. Seeing as how my lucky numbers are 6 and 8, my list this week is only going to have 8. (It was almost only 6, so there’s that!)

I’m going to start off with music. They say music soothes the savage beast and I believe that to be true. I’m thankful I can finally control the radio in my land based vehicle without my dear darling son taking over! Granted, he likes most of the same music I do, but after weeks of back and forth to school listening to the same CD (whichever one he was stuck on) I’m thankful I can choose the music!

“The old grey mare, she ain’t what she used to be!” That phase is completely true in my case because this old grey mare is BETTER than she used to be!

So, so truly blessed that my wonderful, terrific, absolutely incredible daughter has trusted me to share her story. More on that in a later post. But suffice to say, the strength and emotion was something I was not ready for.

Tickled green that our garden story was posted on the Miracle Gro website! I shared a pic and story of my hubby and his buddies joint effort this year!! I shared the link on my FB and Twitter.

Having fun with other bloggers with hops such and this and writing prompts! The support and feedback are awesome! The friendships and the downright silliness is to be cherished!

Having an understanding and patient hubby when I’m a grouchy, foul mood, foul mouth Biotch! I can be thankful for him even if he’s not always sure he’s thankful for me!

Being able to be there for friends. We have a friend and neighbor who recently underwent surgery for cancer and she has asked me if I will drive her back and forth when she starts chemo and radiation. For this terrible thing to happen to this wonderful lady breaks my heart and I will do anything in my power to help her in this scary, confusing time.

The ability to give myself a good swift kick in the ass when I need it!! Sometimes you just gotta slap yourself and say “HEY! What the hell do you think you’re doing!!” Maybe not the most effective motivation but it works for me (most of the time)!

So there you have it! My short list of my thankfulness and thoughts!! Thanks so much for all the great blogger friends who are helping me get this journey off the ground and sailing for open water!


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The Musician

The Musician

Today’s entry is in response to the weekly writing prompt at “Feral Little Secrets”. Poetry is not my strong suit but I’m brave enough to try! This poem was inspired my dear darling son who plays trombone in middle school band. He did so great last year and he says he’s going to keep at it!

So without further ado, I present to you…………..

The Musician

The air is charged with energy
Can you feel it?
The passion, the fury
The beauty, the wonder

Your heart beats faster
Harder, pounding now
Somewhere, someone
Asks a question

Are you ready?
The sounds become muffled
Until that moment
The sound erupts

From your instrument
The sound comes
Clear and full
You are making music, beautiful music


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Thankful Ten X 50

Thankful Ten X 50

Ok all you arm twisters and encouragers! Here it is, my submission for the TToT week 50/ 1st birthday!

<div align=”center”>
<a href=”; rel=”nofollow” title=”Ten Things of Thankful” target=”_blank”><img src=”; alt=”Ten Things of Thankful” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

1.  A great birthday get together for a friend and neighbor on Thursday. It ended up being a day of fun, food and frivolity! Due to a shortage of funds, his request of my dear darling hubby’s cooking of ribs on the grill and our homemade potato salad might have been a difficult request, however he volunteered to provide the food if we would do the honors. We had several neighbors stop by and the day was a great success.

2.  A chance coming up to meet members of my hubby’s family that I have not gotten a chance to meet and his chance to meet 2 of his grandkids.

3.  Getting a blog post in!! Always an accomplishment!

4.  More quiet time with dear darling son being out of school and sleeping until mid-day!!

5.  Love of family and friends. I might not have a lot of money but the heart is full of wonder and merriment.

6.  Advice, leadership and support of a great bunch of fellow bloggers.

7.  My pantry is mostly full and whatever my dear darling bottomless pit wants to eat (when he finally gets out of bed) most of the time I have it for him!

8. Thankful for getting another year better in a few days myself. Just like fine wine, I am getting better with age, not older!

9. Time spent outside before it gets unbearably too hot here in the “Sunshine” state or before we have to duck and cover in the event of a monorail blow. (Hurricane! What did you think I meant?)

10.  Thankful for a short attention span because I never get bored—-OH look, a shiny, sparkly distraction!!


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Thankful Times Ten

Thankful Times Ten

Ahoy mates and welcome aboard! Today’s shore leave finds us visiting the wonderful Considerer herself, Lizzi!! I have threatened to contribute to her blog hop Ten Things of Thankful for awhile now but just never seemed to get it done, until today! So sit back, raise a pint of your favorite libation and listen to me tale.

1. Friends to give me a swift kick in the ass to get me back to my writing! With notes of encouragement or flat out challenges, it seems to be working. I have managed to make more posts the past couple of weeks because of them.

2. My dear darling son’s love of music. Namely MY music such as Aerosmith and the like. Makes the drive back and forth to school and anywhere else we go a little more bearable!

3. Support of family, many I have not actually seen in years. This is a grudging “Thank you” to Facebook.

4. The beauty that is the piece of property we live on in the woods of Central Florida.

5. Support of friends and family with suggestions on jobs-both the online ones and the 9-5 variety.

6. Being married to an old fart, umm, older gent whomis old enough to retire and collect Social Security (however much longer that will last). Makes unemployment a little less panic inducing.

7. My dear darling hubby’s barn/man cave where he can hang out and give me some piece and quiet during the day.

8. The wonderful tomato and pepper plants that my hubby and his buddy Johnny are growing. They are thriving and producing lots of veggies! Almost time for a homemade salsa!! Yum!

9. OMG I almost forgot,! Mountain Dew Baja Blast is now available everywhere (almost) and not just at Taco Hell. The only 2 flavors I like are Voltage and Baja Blast. Now I don’t have to put up with bad food for a good drink.

10. To all the pirates who made great rum available all over the world. Until I can get to the Caribbean and find myself a tiki bar at the end of a pier to call my own, here’s to the Captains and wenches that made rum a household staple! Well, at least it is in mine!!

Thanks to Lizzi and her thankful band for putting up with us plundering the blogs for laughter and inspiration.


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